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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
A word of warning...

This news has been circling around some library listservs. Please read and let others know as well!

If you are approached by a company offering to publish your thesis or dissertation, please be advised that there are reports of publishers, for example Lambert Academic or VDM, who are known to employ unscrupulous practices. It is reported that in many cases these publications are not refereed and offer you little to no value. Further, they often impose onerous copyright conditions, which may prevent you from publishing your research elsewhere. If you have any doubts about the reputability of a publisher, check them out carefully. Ask your advisor, your chair or your committee members.

UHM graduate students should be aware that:

• UHM Plan A masters theses and doctoral dissertations are deposited with the
Hawaiian Collection at Hamilton Library. In addition to keeping them in paper form
and microform, the Library is moving toward making current and future theses and
dissertations available online via the UHM institutional repository ScholarSpace.

• UHM doctoral students are required to publish their dissertations. Most students
fulfill this requirement by depositing their dissertation with Proquest UMI
Dissertation Publishing. The UHM Graduate Division handles this for you. Proquest
UMI is a well-established international repository and is the best-known source of
online, paper and microform access to theses and dissertations in the United States.

Useful web pages:

UHM Graduate Division – Dissertations and Theses

Proquest UMI Dissertation Publishing – Author Information Page
Note, UHM Graduate Division handles depositing dissertations with Proquest UMI for
you. See http://www.hawaii.edu/graduate/thesdiss/html/publication.htm for further
information, and note that Proquest UMI informational packets are available at the
Graduate Division office on the third floor of Spalding Hall.

UHM ScholarSpace – UHM Dissertations and Theses

Proquest Dissertations and Theses – access via UHM Library


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